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How the FBI hacks Android phones to make you crazy

How the FBI hacks Android phones to make you crazy

I’m assuming it’s the FBI because of their dislike for Apple phones.

But if you think you are going crazy because something doesn’t seem right with your phone, I’m here to tell you today you’re not.

Battery charge and discharge modification

Music and message manipulation

I’m still working on the list but it’s more important that I tell you the situation.

I think this sensory imput is added to or subtracted in accordance to where you are, you’re surroundings, etc.

This sensory ‘load’ then slowly takes it’s toll on your perception, your actions and overall mental health.

Furthermore this may lead to or be connected to instances including shootings.

I always said we need less crime, however in this day and age it’s become more technological.

I’ve notice instances where there is a ‘fight’ going on within my phone or computer for control of this technology.

When I see these things it tells me that the war between Democrats and Republicans has reached a state of emergency.

They want you to believe it’s a secret, but to protect high profile figures I have decided to publish this information.


They mainly target people with preexisting mental health conditions. This makes it easier for them.

I believe it’s the Democrats mainly because they continue to fingerpoint to ‘mental instability’ as one of their arguments for incapability.

How do these thoughts contribute to the title of this post?

Things are still being worked on. 😏

How California is being made only for rich people


Cities inindated with homeless people are putting them in prison and or jail through coerced violence.

They have people, as I witnessed in as well other states, open car door and car trunks, then confront homeless people in an attempt to lure homeless people into acting in a way that could be called irradic.

See, we told you they are all criminals. We can’t have them here.

I have also witnessed children being used as lures. This has been specifically been witnessed in an around vehicles putting kids in harm’s way.

I have witnessed increased aggression of these provocators when they are provoked themselves. They can’t take their own medicine, which I find relaxingly funny.

This is how California is running poor people out of the state.

Recently they have found that their attempt to cleans the population has been found.

They are now playing ‘catchup’ by focusing on homeless programs.

Do they mean it?

I don’t believe they do. I feel as though it is a false good intention. Meant to show their caring side but also continuing their support for an uncivilized society.

Political Knowledge

They want perfect people you know.

But do perfect people deal with situations correctly?

Maybe some do. Some don’t because they haven’t fucked up yet.

It takes experience to know what you are doing. Experience means you’ve made mistakes.

People with perfectness are inexperienced.

Noone wants someone inexperienced to run a country. So why would you vote for someone who has no experience?

So be it, and it became the era of Trump.

How to know you’re not a liberal

How to know you’re not a liberal

You can laugh at things and make jokes because you’re not a spelling nazi

You don’t have serious issues with sex.

You believe in the Constitution.

You’re not affraid of everything😱

You don’t know you’re right but you think you are.

You’re not a 16 year old girl and you’re not a 58 year old woman with a shaved head.

You realize there is a difference between right and wrong.

You don’t need to fight innatamate objects 😫

You don’t believe spelling mistakes are the end of the world.

You believe in free speech.

You like the American flag 🇺🇸

The Theory of Everything

** unedited and incomplete **

The Theory of Everything

I remember years ago there was a shift in the focus of advertising from men to women. Somehow men were tapped out, used up, and it switched to women. Someone somewhere said ok, now women make the decisions! Men said hell… that sounds good to me!!

Why did men say ok? Because we lost our jobs. Men said we have lost! You win! there are no jobs.

Men said if there is an opportunity for women, take it because I can’t do it. As a man it’s not comfortable to say that.

But people get smart fast, if they conciously see it or not. Unfortunately if things aren’t changed, women will eventually go through the same cycle.

I’m here to help you understand.

Once women are tapped out, next in line is immigrants, some remaining women, and young people who don’t know better…basically the people who haven’t seen these transitions yet.

What you are seeing is the effects of advertising. This makes people feel empowered so they buy things, they feel the world walks with them as they walk to spend their money. They say, we are now in charge. You are being fooled.

Unfortunately they can not see that there will be a shift again. What will the shift be?

I think that is a question some companies worry about. They worry about what if there is a generational gap and if so, who is next in line to empower? That’s a problem for corporate thinkers to solve. Im just here to tell you the honest truth about reality.

Meanwhile, the men and some women of the country continue to be pushed out of society in some places.

People who support job growth, who support nationalism, and who oppose illegal immigration are now called racist, worthless, and women hating white supremacists.

Many of these men probably wonder…what the hell just happened?

Nevertheless, eventually some of these people go to different cities to escape. Finally! I will get some relief from this insanity and start fresh somewhere. Somewhere where there is equality!

Once they get to a different city they realize, somehow…some way…it can’t be… it’s just as bad as where they came from. HOW??

They are chased around like criminals because somehow they still dont fit into the image of a perfect world that some people have been told to created in their minds. Nevermind that these people are racist and sexist pigs! Get them!

So now you have men roaming around who don’t agree with illegal immigration, who like Trump because of his Make America Great Again slogan. Sadly this only feeds their opposition who build on their racists and women hater ideas which were implanted into their minds from somewhere or somebody.

You have been blinded by a fake reality. Meanwhile cities these men travel to build ways to keep them out of their city.

Sadly, many of these now homeless men go legally insane…they can’t believe that all this is really happening. How can this be real? To the homeless men and exhiled women, I’m here to tell you the unbelievable is true.

You can see it on the streets, mostly men (and women) walking around talking to themselves or displaying other severe mental health issues, some now involved in a life of drugs. Why?

This is simply because they can’t comprehend mentally how all this is really possible in America.

I’m here to tell you it is possible and it’s really happening.

So now the cities that these men escaped to find themselves in the midst of a problem with homelessness, feces on the streets and tent cities…yet still people scream for open borders and seemingly unlimited illegal immigration. Americans v.s. Americans.

They put up fences around areas where homeless men and lost American women camp. Arrest them and fine them for sleeping on the streets. They ship them back to where they came from. Ultimately keeping them in a quazi limbo, moving them around the country because noone wants them.

It’s your duty to awaken to this reality.

Recently there has been a focus on bringing jobs back to America. Data shows this has been successful in increasing the labor force. But an economy will not right itself overnight, the economy is big and needs to continue for years for the problem to be fixed.

I think people (men and women) of the far Left need to take a look at how they treat people, while they at the same time tout fairness and equality as the foundation of what they believe in.