Northern California History -Trinidad

Trinidad pier, 2012. Photo taken shortly after pier was completed. (Source)

Trinidad Anchorage, 1850. Image rendered after landing ashore during exploration. (Source). Some of the same rock features can still be seen today.

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Random Thoughts

Random thought dump.

My delusional disorder was kickin a little bit a few days ago. I think the medication I take prevents me from dwelling on those thoughts. I hope things go well with that. I may try to join a mental health group in the area to talk to people maybe.

Also been thinking about what I will call ‘home’ in Oregon. I hope I can return there. Been thinking about tiny houses and things like that for the property I’m paying on. I hope things go well with all that. I’d like to keep that as my goal in life as long as I’m not in jail.

Been thinking about court. I’ve been hoping things go well with all that. Now that I have a goal in life I’d like to find a way to stay free and work on it. I think it’s a good goal to have.

The end.


I am in the woods away from the crazy homeless scene in the city. I will try to relax and get some rest. If you don’t get rest sometimes it’s takes its toll on you and adds up.

Here an inventory of everything I have with me:

1 Green military backpack

1 1-person tent

1 Green wool blanket

1 Grey synthetic wool blanket

1 Raincoat

1 Waterproof hooded jacket

1 Bar Dial soap

$1.03 in change

2 phone chargers

2 smartphones

1 Duracell flashlight

1 Triple antibiotic ointment

1 Mostly burnt wax candle

1 Lighter

1 Prescription Perphenazine

1 bottle Ibprophen

4 Band-Aids

1 Motel 6 small bar of soap

1 Yogurt & nut trailmix 875 calories

1 Nut & raisin trailmix 1,620 calories

3 Emergen-c Suppliments

2 1-liter water

1 500ml empty water bottle

1 Fork

1 Spoon

1 Hair cutting scissors

1 Bottle multivitamin suppliment

1 Small tube Crest toothpaste

1 Larger Kids Colgate toothpaste

1 Toothbrush

1 Small nail clipper

1 Large nail clipper

1 Mostly used Opti-Free bottle of contact solution

2 Boxes contact lenses

2 Contact lens cases

1 Chapstick

1 Large stuffsack

1 Medium stuffsack

1 Small stuffsack

1 Orange beany hat

1 Extra pair of socks

1 Folder containing important paperwork, a pack and a half of cigarettes, and the clothes I have on (two pairs of pants and long sleeve sweaters).

What am I doing? (a status update on 1/11/18)

Here’s what I am doing.

I want to say that when it comes to dealing with money it is difficult for me to make decisions. I feel like I don’t know what to do and honestly I feel that when I deal with money I am going to get arrested at any moment. I have no idea why I feel like that but it’s true. I do find that to be a problem and I’m happy to have a blog to write about it. I will try to understand why that is. Meanwhile here we go…here is what I did with $1,900.

Before I got arrested in California, and before I experienced psychotic events I got into a land contract for about an acre and a half near the coast in the state of Oregon. I lost that due to getting arrested but I recently contacted the lender and they agreed to accept back payments and to reinstate my loan. Total payments I owed plus the March payment was $1,508.

Here is a satellite image of the property. It’s all forest area.

This was a hard decision and I still don’t know if it was right or not but in the mean time it gives me purpose to my life which is good. Not good to walk around homeless with no purpose to life.
Out of the $1,900 and after paying for the land my balance is now $500.

Next, I opened an Acorns account (see image below). Acorns is a money saving app that rounds up purchases you make on your debit card and takes that spare change and invests it into a stock portfolio. I added $35 to that to get it going. (See below)

Balance $465

Next, I have some experience with investing. I’m not going to get into why right now but I do know that the stock market is doing well. It’s basically going straight up! That’s very scary. As a result of being scared of investing money into a stock market bubble I opened an additional investing account through an app called Robinhood. Robinhood can be used to buy individual stocks and ETFs. I will use this account to buy individual socks. I bought 8 shares of TZA. Cost $100. As of this morning I made $0.28. I don’t expect this to last since whenever I buy stocks I immediately and instaniously lose all my money.

After all that my balance was $365

I have problems saving money. Even if my life depended on it it’s almost impossible it seems. This way most of the money I have is tied up or owed to someone. That seems helpful to me.

I have bought cigarettes and coffee, and more cigarettes and more coffee so that balance is lower as of right now, but I will use the remaining amount to try to make my homeless life easier and pay off legal debts, restitution, fines, delinquent bills, etc.
This is the end of this blog post.